We hope for the betterment of people, communities and groups where self-help, intelligence, love and creativity would bring a positive change! 

Our Mission
Abi Fall Livelihood is concerned with issues of poverty, health, Religious and social work in rural/urban areas of Cameroon. 

Our activities are: 
Ensuring the access to education on healthcare and basic human rights to individuals in Cameroon.
·         Promoting intercultural understanding and civic initiatives.
·         Supporting underprivileged groups and communities with food, clothing, education and shelter.
·         Developing food security and implementing modern agricultural methods.
·         Organizing volunteer work camps and internships where local and international recruits engage in community projects.

- Conservation activities, Democracy and Good governance

- WASH projects

Our Work
Abi Fall Livelihood is primarily involved in:
Youth Education and Training
Providing basic education and training opportunities to children and adolescents of local communities to alleviate poverty and unemployment. Material and monetary support is also given to schools in the form of scholarships, books, computers and uniforms.

Provide clean water to rural and urban areas

Conservation of wildlife, and creating Protected areas.

Healthcare Education and Prevention
Creating awareness and sensitization campaigns in rural centers on basic healthcare, family planning, sex education, immunization, vaccination and sanitation.

Helping the Disadvantaged
Supporting orphans, people with disabilities and street children with food, shoes, clothing, education and shelter.

Human Rights
Initiating, organizing and implementing human rights programs and workshops that promote and protect the rights of those living in rural areas, heightening their sense of civic responsibility and enhancing community leadership.

Food Security and Modern Agriculture
Promoting food security and modern agriculture in rural areas through initiatives in gardening, animal husbandry and poultry breeding.

Volunteering Programs
Organizing volunteer and work camp programs where local and international individuals and groups join hands and skills with the local population to foster developmental activities.

We engage and welcome people with open arms.
We promote non-formal education to fight stereotypes, ignorance, prejudices and intercultural misunderstandings.
We take into consideration specific needs of people and communities and stimulate them to take control and improve their live standards.
We enhance sustainable development, awareness, participation and civic initiatives.