Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Needs of Communities

We have these Communities in Cameroon in actual need of WASH programmes.

In the South West Region: Mbonge Town, Ekondo titi, Dieka Bafaw and Big Nganjo;

In the North West: Ku Bome, Njekwa and Tad

In these Communities the children are suffering from water borne diseases, and girls and women move very long distances to fetch for clean drinkable water. Girls need to fetch water early in the morning before going to school and because of the long distances they cannot regularly go to school. Women also risk being Violated as they search for water, thereby increasing the spread of HIV/AIDS within these communities.

Adult Literacy Program for Cocoa Farmers in the South West Region of Cameroon

ABI FALL have identified a need in the Cocoa farming communities in the south west region of Cameroon in the Meme division. This area was selected to specifically target adults working in the cocoa industry who have little or no literacy skills, yet have a breadth of personal knowledge about cocoa farming activities, which they have never shared before in a classroom of group setting. Needs assessments carried out in the Meme division showed that 90% of those that are non-literate are cocoa farmers. The needs assessment has identified that non-literate farmers are cheated and over exploited when they sell their produce at markets as they are unable to correctly read the scales. It is estimated by Abi Fall, that non-literate farmers lose approximately 12-15% of their sales per bag.

Project aim:

This project aims to help cocoa farming communities within the South West region of Cameroon, to be able to read and write to ensure that farmers are not being cheated by the cocoa bean buying companies.

Farmers in Kossala 3 Kumba during the IALEP sponsored by Feed the Minds

Underpriviledged children from school in Bavia

Mr Ngoe Munas of Big Nganjo Mbonge sub division practising to weigh a bag of Cocoa beans, after training

Our programmes and activities are based on the following principles and values:
· Equal Opportunity for all
· Integrity of the leadership
· Democratic, transparent and accountable organizational governance
· Respect of human dignity

Locally, nationally, Abi Fall is a vocal advocate for the hungry and displaced. To improve the quality of life for both urban and rural poor.

Our Outreach team in Mbonge needs your help immediately. Clean water supply, food, and medical equipment are in high demand. Make your contribution now.

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